About Us
The Welsh Pony and Cob Directories service is based in Wales(UK), at the heart of the finest horse breeds country in the world.
The Key Objective is to help make Welsh Breeds number one world wide.
Access is provided Free to all to help promote and inform about Welsh Horse Breeds.
The Welsh Cob and Pony Directories are the first world wide live online database of individual welsh breed horses, a great resource for buyers, breeders and others. A few of the many features include:
  • Description and Colour photographs of each horse
  • Owner / Custodian information
  • Individual animal history including life events and showing
  • Dedicated webpages for each Horse
  • Ancestor and Progeny tracing
  • Add Horses Live online
  • Easy Live online editing and cut and paste of horse details
  • Horses For Sale
  • Welsh cob and pony Events
  • Live Message area
  • Worldwide Breeders Directory
  • Library of usefull information
We fully support the Welsh Pony and Cob Society and all other Welsh breed organisations.
Free Service
Access is provided Free to all
Members may register for Standard Membership Free of charge and benefit from:
  • Free Basic Horse Entry includes:
    Single photo
    Horse details
    Sire and Dam information
    Short description (400 characters max)
    Showing record
  • Individual Horse viewing Statistics (helps you track interest)
  • Free Full Horse Entry for horses over 15 years old (see below for details)
  • Use the live online Message / Chat system for help and advice from other members
For the extensive Sponsor Membership benefits please see Sponsor Membership further down.
Welsh Cob and Pony Directories Funding
The Directories are funded from various sources, these include:
  • Sponsor Horse listing small fees (see further down)
  • Sponsor Member small fees (see further down)
  • Limited and approved sponsor advertising (none of this advertising will appear on the dedicated webpages for each horse when linked to from Owner websites)
  • Special service subscriptions
  • Voluntary subscription
  • Other Sponsorship
Sponsor Membership
Standard Members may register as Sponsor Members for a small annual fee (see Join Us above) and then additionaly benefit from:
  • Breeder / Owner Directory entry
  • Special email address (optional): yourname@WelshCobDirectory.co.uk or yourname@WelshPonyDirectory.co.uk (names subject to availability), mail arrives at your regular email box automatically.
  • Unlimited For Sale Directory entries
  • Unlimited Welsh Breed Events Directory entries
  • Unlimited Welsh Breed News page entries
Sponsor Horse Entry
Members may upgrade each horse to a Sponsor Horse Entry for a small annual fee (per horse) and additionaly benefit from:
  • Directly upload up to 99 photos
  • Live edit Large horse description of up to 5000 characters
  • Unlimited Horse History entry just like a diary
  • Include a Video Clip
  • Owner Logo appears above your horse record when linked to from your own website.
  • Direct Link to your website
To see an example Sponsor Horse Entry please   click here 
Special Features for Sponsor Horses
Sponsor Horse Directory entries are designed to combine freely and automatically with any existing website (regardless of provider) making it unnecessary to enter information more than once and also providing a high quality presentation and automatic search engine entry.
By simply linking to your horse page(s) within the Directory your own heading with link buttons can appear in place of the Welsh Cob and Pony Directory heading.
Low cost advertising is available like the examples shown on the left hand side of certain pages. For more details please email us 
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There is more information about the Welsh Cob and Pony Directory on our   Home   page.
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